The Ultimate To Resolve Contested Divorce

When a marriage is dissolved, which is another word for divorce, there must be disagreement between you and your spouse on at least one matter. For some, it is a point of contention to determine who will have custody of the kids or how much time each parent would spend with them.

The issue may occasionally solely concern the visitation schedule. Child support obligations between parents may vary depending on the visitation arrangement. Whatever the topic of the case, it will eventually come to a trial if the parties cannot settle it through direct communication, lawyer-to-lawyer negotiations, mediation, or talking to each other.

Even if you are not obligated to hire one, a contested divorce lawyer Huntsville can be a significant asset to your case.

Divorce Disputes – Strategies for Resolving Them

There is a great deal of amicable settlement in divorce cases without a trial. The remaining disagreements can be settled even after a trial has begun. Most contested divorces are settled through one of these methods:

  • Negotiations between the lawyers. The lawyers frequently communicate via letter, email, phone conversations, and in-person meetings after exchanging financial documents, interrogatories (written questions answered under oath), and other sorts of discovery during the pretrial phase. This process is used to settle the majority of contentious divorces.
  • A hearing or settlement conference is held where the lawyers and the judge discuss the contested issue. They ask the judge for advice on how the court may decide in this matter if it went to trial. If two attorneys or clients are adamant about a particular subject, knowing the judge’s likely ruling can help settle the argument.
  • The partners discuss the issues at hand and come to an understanding. The parties must communicate through their attorneys throughout a legal proceeding. Spouses in a divorce are not required to speak with one another directly, although they are permitted to do so if they choose to.
  • The parties hire a mediator to assist the spouses in settling the disputed issues. To help spouses reach an amicable agreement, a mediator listens to both parties, with or without their attorneys present. The mediator does not, however, decide any of the in dispute terms.

Benefits of Avoiding Trial

Avoiding trials can save you a lot of money and time. You may be able to finalize your divorce much sooner without waiting for a judge’s decision.

Trials are expensive, and both spouses usually benefit from a fair settlement rather than paying legal fees. 



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