Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Termites in your home can cause significant damage. Although not every insurance covers termite damage. However, in certain cases, homeowners insurance may cover such damages or other related expenses. If you are thinking about some ways homeowners insurance covers termite damage, we have got you covered. In this article we have jotted down top 5 ways wherein homeowners insurance covers termite damage. So, what’s the wait for? Contact experts now to know about termite damage insurance cover. 

Ways homeowners insurance cover termite damage 

1. Sudden and accidental damage 

In rare instances, your homeowners insurance might cover property damage brought on by an unexpected and unintentional occurrence, such a burst pipe or a termite-caused structural collapse. This coverage is typically not dependent on the termite infestation itself, but rather on the damage being a direct outcome of a covered risk.

2. Secondary damage 

Although homes insurance may not cover termite damage directly. Whereas, it covers secondary damage brought on by termites. These include water damage from a termite-damaged pipe. Your policy may compensate you for the cost of restoration or repairs if the secondary damage is covered.

3. Additional living expenses 

Your homeowners insurance may pay for additional living expenses if significant termite damage renders your house unusable are required. Costs for meals, lodging, and other living expenses while your house is being renovated or repaired are usually covered by this policy. 

4. Fungal damage 

Termite infestation and moisture related issues can lead to mold and rot. Some homeowners insurance plans may cover this. Your insurance may pay for the cost of cleanup and repairs based on the limits and exclusions of your policy if termites cause mold growth or other fungal damage.

5. Endorsements 

Ordinary homeowners insurance policies do not cover termite damage. Some insurers that offer additional coverage for termite treatment or preventive measures. you can add these endorsements to your policy as optional add-ons.

Wrapping up 

Getting homeowners insurance is a great idea as it helps to cover all damages while taking care of your financial health. These are some common ways wherein the homeowner insurance covers termite damage. Beside these, there are several other ways. Ensure you hire an experienced lawyer who can guide you through this complex process. 



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