The Role Of Social Media In Your Child Custody Case.

Social media has a ton of benefits. It enables you to keep in touch with family and friends easily and connect with people worldwide. Sharing stories and pictures of your day on these platforms is not out of the ordinary. However, when you are going through a divorce, social media can be risky since it can affect your child custody settlement. 

An experienced divorce lawyer Boston MA helps you understand the impact of your social media posts on your divorce. They also provide you with legal advice and counsel to ensure that you take the right actions to protect your future and relationship with your child. 

How does social media affect child custody battles?

Child custody battles are intense. Every child is precious to their parents, and both parents utilize several tactics to maximize their time with their child. Often, some parents may also choose to fight for sole custody of the child. They may use information collected from your social media profiles against you as evidence to prove that you are unfit to have custody of your child. The wrong posts can wreck your case and lead to severe consequences. 

How can you prevent social media from affecting your case?

  • Stop posting. 

It is best to remain inactive on social networking sites during the divorce process. It is likely that your spouse and their lawyer are closely monitoring your online activities. Being off social media platforms can help you reduce the risk of your posts affecting your custody case. 

  • Limit your reach. 

If you cannot stop posting, keep your account private and limited for family and close friends. Although your spouse cannot view your posts, their friend who follows you may help them. Be careful that you only allow people you trust to view your posts. 

  • Do not let your emotions control you. 

People often feel sadness and resentment after a divorce. However, do not vent about the divorce and your spouse or bad mouth them on your social media. It can be detrimental to your case if they find out, so you must be sensible and rational. It is better to talk about your feelings to a licensed therapist that can help you. 

Social media can have a drastic impact on your future after the divorce. Being aware of your actions online can help prevent them from affecting your relationship with your child and the other parent. Your lawyer in Boston ensures that you do not make mistakes that can harm your case. 


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