How to know if it is convenient for me to hireSales outsourcing companies?

This could be a million-dollar question, although unfortunately, we have to tell you that the answer is not black or white, yes or no. However, there are various factors that will help you make the best possible decision for your specific company. The sector in which you operate, the size of the company, or the products you sell are some of the most important variables.

Sector: Specialization level:

The more specialized your sector is, the more specific training the sales network will need and also more advanced knowledge, which in turn requires more dedication on the part of the company itself to train and on the part of the salesperson to assimilate all the information. You would have to weigh whether it is worth spending so much effort taking into account that you do not have sales staff on staff and surely they do not sell your brand exclusively. Closely related to the degree of sectoral specialization we also have other factors, such as the product and the client.

Type of product or service:

Generally, sales outsourcing companies with a highly specialized sector of activity also offer specialized products and services. You should ask yourself if your products have specific characteristics, if there are many particularities to take into account, if exceptions are usually the order of the day if your catalog has thousands of references that you have to know, etc. If you add to this complex or changing rates, dense commercial presentations, or technical sheets that require advanced knowledge, then the balance clearly tilts to one side.

Profile or your customers:

Consider if the level of dialogue is high, if they are usually demanding in terms of demand for specific information, the dedication of time, and if the business meetings are “intense”. Are they loyal customers or who can be?

Duration of the sales cycle:

A long sales cycle that requires many sales visits and arduous follow-up can end up demotivating a sales outsourcing network that represents other products and services that are easier to sell.

Size of your company:

If you are a small company, you may want to hire sales outsourcing companies and externalize your commercial network. It may be that at this time you are not able to assume the costs of continuing to use your own sales teams. If, on the other hand, you are a medium or large company with the capacity to gradually build your sales network, then perhaps this is your option. In addition, in the long term, it will mean having more qualified and prepared personnel.

At the same time that we have been analyzing the factors to take into account when deciding whether or not to bet on sales outsourcing, we have seen how some pros and cons of commercial outsourcing emerged. We are going to compile them and complete the list to offer you a clearer vision.

That’s all for this guide on how to know if it is convenient for me to hire sales outsourcing companies.



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