Top 3 Ski Runs in Whistler

Whistler is a tourism destination as well as a ski resort. Due to its proximity to Vancouver and Seattle, the area attracts many weekend visitors, which adds to the mood and allows you to depart the bubble for a break quickly and see and experience more. There are two mountains! If you become sick of one after a couple of days, switch to the other and get pumped all over again. Whistler homes for sale are relatively pricey because it is a major village. But it’s also worth considering why you wouldn’t want to live in Whistler even if you could live and prosper in Vancouver.

So, you’re visiting Whistler for the first time and don’t know where to begin? It’s very understandable. Skican has rounded down seven of Whistler Blackcomb’s most fantastic runs that you must try on your next visit. These runs range from warm-up laps to the final run of the day, and they cater to skiers of all ages and abilities. Continue reading to learn about Whistler’s top three ski runs.

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  1. Blue Line

Blue Line is a nice multi-kilometer blue run located on Blackcomb Mountain. It’s a great way to start your day with stunning valley views. It begins at the Horstman Hut, located at the summit of Blackcomb Mountain and accessible via the 7th Heaven Express chair. It’s a scenic run that takes you across Horstman Glacier to the Glacier Express chair’s base. You can then ride the Glacier Express to Blue Line via Crystal Traverse and repeat the process, exploring the bowls and chutes on both sides of the run. You may also ride the Jersey Cream Express to Rendezvous Lodge and visit the rest of Blackcomb Mountain via the Jersey Cream Express. The air is refreshingly cool, and the excellent corduroy retains a dry squeak underfoot even after the first lift. Blue Line pitches over and rapidly flattens as you rip off the ridge – the ideal profile for ‘rockstar’ turns – before going extremely steep.

  1. Spanky’s Ladder

Veteran skiers will recognize the name Spanky’s Ladder. This famous couloir is the gateway to a series of intricate alpine bowls on Blackcomb Mountain’s backside. You can choose one of the four bowls that fall into Blackcomb Glacier from Spanky’s. There’s enough expert-level terrain in these alpine bowls to keep you from running out of new lines to try. The Ruby and Garnet Bowls are the easiest to get to and are the finest places to begin. Sapphire and Diamond Bowl have more daunting entrances, but the return is more significant. Demonstrate your worth here, and you’ll be able to move on.

  1. Peak to Creek

Pack your camera and brace yourself for a set of frigid teeth resulting from over-smiling. The views from Whistler Peak are unrivaled on a clear day. With sweeping views across the legendary Black Tusk, the descent through Upper Peak to Creek is distractingly stunning. Keep an eye on the grooming report because this run is a must-do when the corduroy is freshly groomed. As a treat for ending the day strong, you might want to stop by Dusty’s for a beer and nachos. The course is over 11 kilometers long and includes a 5,000-foot (1-mile) vertical plunge. Although this is an intermediate-level run, you will have unsteady legs. It features spectacular views throughout and highlights Whistler Blackcomb’s remarkable variation.


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