After fostering and owning several dogs myself, I can say without a doubt that every dog needs to be fed differently. Wet dog food is no exception. When feeding your dog wet dog food, you need to consider the following things:


Your dog’s breed is really important to keep in mind when feeding wet dog food. This is because if you’ve got a large breed dog, chances are they’re going to need way more wet food. Similarly, if you’ve got a smaller breed, you won’t need to feed them as much. Certain breeds have quite a bit of health conditions which means that they may not be suited to any regular wet food. They’re going to need wet food that was made specifically for their breed to battle its health conditions.


Your dog’s age is another factor to consider when feeding them wet dog food. Younger dogs usually require much more food than older dogs. This is because they have a super-fast metabolism which makes them really hungry, really quickly. You’ll probably have to feed them a ton more than you’d feed a senior dog. When dogs get older, their metabolism starts to slow down. Senior dogs have really slow metabolisms which makes them not hungry as much as younger dogs. If you’re feeding a senior dog wet food, you won’t have to fill the bowl completely as little goes a long way.


The last thing we would want is to have an unhealthy dog. As dog parents, we all try our best to give them the best life possible. Sometimes, we do spoil our little ones a bit too much with no wrong intentions. If your dog is overweight due to a little extra love, it would probably be best to cut down on the wet food for now in order to have them return to the best shape. Similarly, if you’ve got a picky eater who is on the underweight side, wet dog food may be one of the best ways to get them to finally eat a full meal happily.


Every dog has their own personality. And we don’t discriminate here, each dog is perfect in their own little way. Some of us have got dogs who are just a ball of energy, while others have got dogs who would rather just lay around all day enjoying life. And this is also a factor to consider when feeding them wet dog food. If your dog lazes around all day, they don’t need as much food as a more active dog. Therefore, you probably would do just fine with a bowl that isn’t full to the brim. However, if you’ve got a firecracker in your house, chances are they’re going to need much more wet food to keep them going.


I know most of us have experienced having a dog that would just take food down like a literal vacuum. I know my dog has been doing exactly that for several years now. If you’ve got a vacuum machine like me, you’re probably going to have to break down their meals into several smaller ones instead of the few large ones. This will help them be able to digest the wet dog food more properly since they’ll be taking it in intervals. However, if you’ve got a dog that takes its sweet time when eating, you can go ahead and just give them a large meal without any worries.


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