Bustling Shopping Markets in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is famous for its scenic landscapes and lush valleys. While there are so many things to do in this beautiful city, shopping in the local markets is enticing for all shopaholics. From woollens to aromatic tea, handicrafts, trinkets, you can find the most amazing and desirable things to shop here. So, book your cheap flight tickets from HappyEasyGo and go on a shopping spree to the famous markets of Darjeeling, mentioned below-

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  1. Batasia Loop Market

Batasia Loop Market has its unique name as a result of its location. This shopping destination is situated on Ghum and Darjeeling’s loop-line. If you are high on your bargaining skills, then this market is a must-visit for you. You can shop for many items such as house decor items, woollen wear, accessories etc., without burning a hole in your pocket from this market.

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  • Ghoom Monastery Market

The best time to visit the Ghoom Monastery market is early mornings and evenings so that you can witness the city’s sunrise and sunset along with shopping for your favourite souvenirs. You can shop for items like Tibetan artefacts, Tibetan souvenirs, singing bowls, prayer wheels, prayer flags, Thangkas (Tibetan wall paintings), trendy women bags and other beautiful things from this lovely market. 

  • Teesta Bazaar

Teesta Bazar is situated along the banks of the Teesta River, near the Kalimpong area, Melli. Art and craft lovers can shop for handcrafted artefacts, wall paintings, hunting equipment, footwear, copper wares, crockery, silverware and lanterns made and sold by the locals at a varied price range. You can find items at reasonable prices at this market. Also, try piping hot momos to curb your hunger pangs during shopping.

  •  Pashupati Nagar Market

Another street market near Mirik, Pashupati Nagar Market, is surrounded by calm green hills. The market has a variety of imported goods from Thailand. The attractive natural sights of the market double the shopping fun. You can find electronic goods and a vast range of cosmetic products at affordable rates in this market. Other products to shop from here include small souvenirs, woollen jackets, shawls, sweaters, Gorkha knives and Darjeeling tea.

  • Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center

Established in 1959 to support the Tibetan refugees in the area, this place is now a niche market for Tibetan artisans. While picking up various souvenirs for themselves, tourists can also witness the Tibetan artisans at work exhibiting their excellent skills. This place is a must-visit for you to hunt something different to take back home. The popular items to shop from here include Tibetan carpets, winter clothing, opulent woodwork, trendy footwear, wooden carvings, traditional paintings etc.

  • The Rink Mall

Located at the starting of Mall Road, The Rink Mall is a one-stop shopping destination for the locals and the tourists. Known outlets such as Big Bazaar and Reliance Trends are present here, which offer designer wear. You can indulge in a soothing massage experience at the massage parlours located inside the mall. Tea lovers can head to Nathmull’s Tea Room for a relaxing aromatic tea indulgence. One can pick the best varieties of tea, beautiful teapots and other attractive souvenirs from the mall’s stores. 

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