What are the Common Causes of Auto Accidents in Rockford?

If you’re like most Rockford occupants, you’ve seen a few auto accidents on the side of the road. You may have even been in one yourself! These frankly terrifying events can happen for many reasons, but some of the most common causes include drunk drivers, fatigue or sleepy driving, and distractions like texting or talking on a cellphone.

When you are involved in an auto accident in Rockford, then one of the important things you should do is to consult an auto accident lawyer in Rockford. They can help you get the compensation you deserve and can be of great assistance in an auto accident claim. 

For now, we will see the common causes of auto accidents in Rockford.

  • Distracted driving

Distracted driving is defined as any activity that takes your attention away from the road. This includes the use of a cell phone, eating and drinking, smoking, singing, and any other activities that can cause you to lose focus. The risk for accidents is high when a driver is using a cell phone because they lose their concentration on the road.

  • Driving under influence

Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs is the most common cause of auto accidents in Rockford. You should not drive if you are under the influence of alcohol. If you know that you are going to consume alcohol, then leave your vehicle at home and make alternative arrangements.

  • Driving fatigue

Driving while you are fatigued is the third common cause of auto accidents in Rockford. Fatigue and sleepiness are serious because they can affect your driving performance and cause an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 30% of all motor vehicle accidents were caused by driver fatigue.

  • Violation of traffic laws

Violation of traffic laws is another common cause of auto accidents. These include violations like running red lights and speeding. If you do not observe traffic laws and are involved in an auto accident, then you should consult an auto accident lawyer to obtain compensation for the injuries you sustained from the crash.

  • Speeding

There are several reasons why speeding should be avoided. It is dangerous, irresponsible, and illegal. Speeding is a common cause of accidents because it reduces the time available for a driver to react when emergencies arise. When you exceed the speed limit, then your risk of getting into an accident also increases. 


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