Is Sports Betting Legal in Vietnam?

The Vietnamese government has issued many regulations in recent years legalizing the gambling industry. With these orders in place, land-based casinos were finally able to begin operations in the country.

Tourists from all over the world flock to Vietnam to enjoy the country’s beautiful beaches and vibrant culture, but locals may take advantage of the same amenities. There are currently no Vietnamese-owned online casinos accepting Vietnamese players due to the government’s ban on internet gambling.

Sports betting regulations in Vietnam

People in Vietnam are often updated by the country’s popular magazines on the latest gaming laws. Although it is against the law in Vietnam to place wagers on sporting events, locals still do so through foreign cá cược thể thao sites and offshore bookmakers.

According to studies, Vietnamese gamblers annually spend billions of dollars at offshore gambling sites. The federal government predicts that the funding could account for as much as 12 percent of annual growth.

Because of this, the government has opted to intervene in the market and limit the spread of offshore gaming and betting. This will boost tax income, reduce the outflow of money, and attract more international investors to Vietnam, in addition to satisfying the needs of gamblers. It’s the way out of captivity.

Online sports betting laws you need to know

A measure legalizing sports betting was passed by the National Assembly of Vietnam in June of 2018. However, gamblers must adhere to the rules set forth by the government. Bettors were thrilled that this came out in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

A decree was issued in March of 2017 and something occurred afterward. It made it possible to place bets on horse races, greyhound races, and international football matches. In the decree was a five-year plan for gambling, greyhound racing, and international soccer. Named “Decree 06,” it stipulated strict regulations for how businesses could engage in gambling.

It is becoming increasingly feasible to place bets on sporting events on the Internet in Vietnam, even if doing so is not yet totally legal. Bettors who are serious about their hobby should be aware that this feature does not exist, and that they should exercise caution before creating an account at any betting site.

You should avoid getting caught because of the severe consequences associated with sports betting. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one of the safest ways to connect to your favorite bookmaker.

The use of VPNs for sports betting

Vietnam’s authorities had already blacklisted over 180 gambling-related domain names and over 190 IP addresses prior to the commencement of Euro 2012. As a result, many sportsbooks closed their doors and gamblers lost money.

If you’re in Vietnam and you want to wager on sports but your preferred sports betting site is restricted in the country, you’ll need to subscribe to an offshore VPN. Due to its proximity and fast service, “Singapore” is the most popular choice for VPN users.

The majority of Asian sportsbooks that welcome Singaporean punters will also welcome Vietnamese bettors. As a result, gamblers can feel secure purchasing a reputable VPN subscription, masking their IP address, and beginning to gamble. You can safely visit the websites you choose while using the VPN.

Closing thoughts

Despite the government’s loosening of gaming and betting restrictions, the country has seen minimal interest from operators. Although gambling on football was legalized by the government, citizens are not able to place wagers on the previous FIFA World Cup due to a lack of licensed betting companies.

If you’re looking for a reputable site where you can bet on the upcoming Qatar World Cup 2022, Solarbet is a great choice and there are plenty of World Cup-related sports betting markets and bonuses to discover.

Football matches in tournaments like Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A, and England’s English Premier League are longer tournaments than the international matches arranged by FIFA, which typically take place once a year.


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