How to pay your postpaid bills using MobiKwik different payment methods?

Paying postpaid bills online is one of the positive things of the virtual platform. With the help of the internet and a smartphone, users today, across different cellular networks, can pay postpaid bills online. It is not a facility that city dwellers enjoy. It is also not the privilege of a limited few – the educated or the wealthy. Across socio-economic barriers and geographical boundaries, online payment methods and platforms can be used by people from all backgrounds.

What is the best way to pay postpaid bills online?

Using credible payment apps like MobiKwik can be the best way to do business. MobiKwik has been around for some time now, offering its user base reliable methods to clear their Airtel Bill payment online. You can use the payment app to make bill payments for all cellular operators in India. Similarly, the app can carry out mobile recharges, DTH recharges, and more. These include:

  • Electricity and water bill payments
  • Credit card bill payments
  • Datacard, broadband, and landline bill payments
  • Piped gas bill payments
  • Insurance EMI payments
  • Challan payments
  • Cable and municipality bill payments
  • Housing and loan EMI payments.

What are the pros of paying bills using MobiKwik?

There are multiple benefits of using a robust payment app like MobiKwik. The app facilitates instant payment in a safe ecosystem. Once downloaded, the app can be used anytime and from any place within India to carry out a payment transaction. For example, suppose you are a Vodafone user. In that case, you can open the app, and with the help of a few easy and simple clicks, complete Vi Postpaid Bill Payment. This is a flexible payment landscape offering varied methods of online payments. 

MobiKwik has a policy of enabling free mobile charges for its registered user base. There is no transaction fee when carrying out online transactions with the help of this robust payment app. Along with this, it is really easy to recharge and pay bills. The app takes data from your past transactions and auto-fills relevant details for the most part. Only when the payment needs to be approved will you be prompted to enter your password to process the transaction. Only five simple steps and you complete your online payment.

MobiKwik’s online payment ecosystem is very safe, with the app using the latest advancements in technology to offer secure payments. The app ensures the confidentiality of information, with the platform offering two-factor authentication for enhanced security. Plus, there are exciting offers when you use MobiKwik for recharges and postpaid bill payments. From SuperCash to scratch cards and discounts, there is plenty in store for users.

What are the different payment methods using MobiKwik?

The different methods of paying online bill payments include:

  1. Net Banking or Bank Transfer- The payment is directly debited from your bank account saved on MobiKwik. 
  2. Debit Card- You can use the debit cards of multiple banks registered with the payment app to carry out seamless payment of postpaid bills. 
  3. Mastercard and Visa Credit Cards- You can use the credit cards of top banks like HDFC, ICICI, State Bank of India and more.
  4. MobiKwik Wallet- A digital wallet that is known for being safe; you can store money in the wallet directly by transferring from your bank account and then use it further to make payments.

MobiKwik also offers an additional value-added facility called ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ or BNPL to users for making postpaid payments. In this case, users can take a credit up to Rs. 30,000 from the app and use it to make pending payments. This is like an online credit card where users take a credit for meeting urgent and immediate payment needs. 

What is the method of making postpaid bill payments?

It is a step-driven method of making online mobile postpaid bill payments. The first step involves providing your phone number. You need to click on postpaid and choose the cellular operator, for example, Airtel or Vi. Next, you need to pick your circle – the location where you reside. The postpaid bill amount can be checked online. Enter the amount, authenticate by sending the OTP and click to get the payment processed.

MobiKwik makes its users’ life hassle-free by offering end-to-end methods for making online payments and recharges. 



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