Factors Determining The Price Of Decra Roofing Tiles Today

Many Kenyans have found the necessary and fashionable to own a permanent home for themselves. This comes about after a well-planned savings scheme to achieve this goal. A permanent house has most of its features made of cement and concrete, but if care is not taken in the choice of the roofing structures, the permanency of the building may be compromised after some time.

There are many roofing tiles manufacturers existing in the Kenyan market. Each manufacturer has a different brand that appeals differently to the home owners. Essentially, home owners seek for a more durable roofing material, as well as appearance and beauty of the finishing that the roofing material presents. Decra roofing tiles have therefore, come in with the same niche that appeals to the home owners.

There are various products of Decra roofs in the market, namely:

Decra tile
Decra shingle XD
Decra shake XD
Decra shake
Decra roofing has had a foothold in the Kenyan market as it guarantees the following:

Weather resistance
A high-rating in-impact resistance
A lifetime warranty
Has protective layers that guarantee durability
Weight to strength standards is good
Fire resistance on Class A
The following factors influence the price of Decra roofing tiles in Kenya:

Labor charges
The labor costs will impact on the overall cost of the house, as complex roofing tiles require expert labor which may be expensive than the normal available labor. Depending on the complexity of the roofing style, more time may also be spent in roofing and therefore, increased costs.

Complexity and size of the roof
The size of the house determines the size of the roof and the cost of roofing. Also, if the roof is styled with multiple surfaces, with many hips, angles, a steep pitch and valleys, it may be more expensive in terms of both material cost and labor cost, as compared to a simple a simple house with fewer facets.

Decra roofing tiles prices in Kenya, when determined based on this aspect, will be seen to be higher with buildings in the urban settings, where complicated building style is the norm.

The Kenyan economy has for many years been influenced by political factors, which affects the inflation tendencies. Manufacturers would generally, pass on the effects of inflation to the buyers, and this has greatly influenced the pricing.

Increase in demand
With majority of people building more houses, rental and personal, this has ignited an increase in demand for the roofing materials, and as such an increase in price. With a number of towns in Kenya being converted into cities, has prompted sudden increase in demand for building materials and hence roofing.

Most people are becoming increasingly enthusiastic in the aspect of setting up a home and a house for themselves, this is in order to reduce costs related to hiring or renting buildings to live in or use for some purpose. It is for this reason that buildings will continue popping up in both the rural areas and the urban centres. The aspect of cost of roofing will be crucial in the realization of their dreams.


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