Everything You’ve Wanted to Know about the Hamptons.

The Hamptons are a popular resort and hotel area that’s unlike anywhere else in the world.  From the gorgeous beaches to the expensive properties and the drama and gossip that’s bursting at the seams to get out: there’s a lot going on in this area!

These are some fun facts about the Hamptons and why a vacation there might be fun!

Started Cycling Studios Before they Were Cool

Cycling is a common exercise that many people do to improve balance, work out their bodies, and keep in shape.  Twenty-five years ago, it was completely unheard of when the Hamptons welcomed the first cycling studio to ever exist!  Called The Zone, this studio opened in 1997 and served endless locals before it eventually closed its doors for good.

Home to The Oldest Lighthouse

As a coastal area, it’s no surprise that the Hamptons have a lighthouse, but in the midst of everything expensive and brand new, the lighthouse is a shining beacon right to the past.  The Montauk lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington and began construction in June of 1976.  After six months, it was built, gorgeous and iconic in white with a brown horizontal stripe across the center.

The Most Expensive Place to Buy a House in the Country

The housing market has been wild across the country, with people struggling to grab a property before it goes up another ten to twenty thousand dollars.  If you think the properties popping up over $400,000 were bad: wait until you hear about the prices in the Hamptons.

In 2022, the average price to buy a home here is an incredible 8.5 million dollars.  That’s stunningly high, especially when nearby Long Island houses for sale are going for a twentieth of that.

Long History of Scandal and Intrigue

If you want to visit an area that always has the best gossip, it’s time to turn to the Hamptons!  You can’t go a week without hearing about a “rabbi to the stars” getting kicked out of the synagogue he founded because of his latest fling or the divorce between a famous couple that hasn’t broken the news yet, although the entire area knows.  It’s a fun area for anyone who has a lot of curiosity and too much time on their hands.

Home to the Pristine Beaches

Beaches are a must if you’re along a coastline, and Hamptons are no exception.  Home to one of the best beaches in the country, Hampton’s Main Beach is world famous for its clean sand, beautiful waters, and serene atmosphere.  Despite this being a popular vacation attraction, you never seem to be overwhelmed by crowds here, and you can always enjoy beautiful views, fantastic company, and relaxation while you’re here.

There’s a Lot to Unpack About the Hamptons

The Hamptons are an incredible and intriguing part of the country that will leave you dying to learn more.  If you ever visit, enjoy the gorgeous beaches and hot gossip that seems to get served up daily!


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