Can You Get Compensation In A Car Accident Beyond Your Insurance Limit? 

Insurance companies provide financial compensation for injuries caused in a car accident. Consult Cimarron Legal Group to get the best car accident lawyer Grand Junction.

There is always a policy limit when any insurance policy is purchased. This refers to the maximum amount of money the insurance company is responsible for compensating for the losses arising from the accident.

But there are numerous ways to collect compensation beyond the insurance policy limits. Some of the ways are as follows.

Suing Additional Defendants

In some instances, more than one party can be held responsible for an accident. The different defendants may be liable for the damages jointly or separately. The insurance coverage of all the parties involved in the accident would be used to satisfy the losses incurred by the victim.

Cases involving multiple defendants are not common. But some of the possible causes are as follows.

  • Medical negligence: There might be multiple defendants liable for damages if both the hospital and doctor committed irresponsible actions during the patient’s treatment.
  • Product liability: The manufacturers (of automobiles in accident cases) can usually be sued on the grounds of product defectiveness. The product distributors can also be held responsible for the accidents caused by the products.

Umbrella Policies

Some defendants may have an umbrella policy that goes over the top of the other insurance coverage held by them. Big companies or corporate entities generally hold this. Umbrella policies are the kinds of policies designed to kick in when the holder of the particular policy faces liability that is more than the specific limits set by the policy.

Collecting compensation directly from the defendant 

In many cases, if the damage caused in the accident goes beyond the defendant party’s insurance policy limits, the best option is to collect compensation personally from the defendant. This is a complicated case as sometimes the defendant does not hold enough cash or assets to recover the damages.

You can go to court and request the judge to order garnishment of the defendant’s wage. You can even ask them to place a hold on the defendant’s property, but this completely depends on the prospect of the defendant having enough property and wages to put a hold on. If a defendant has no money or assets, then a judgment over the policy limits will be virtually tunai4d.

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Contact an attorney

There are various complexities involved in getting a successful compensation. In such a situation, an experienced car accident attorney can help you get maximum compensation. 

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