3 Big Ways Matchbooks Can Be Used for Marketing

Matchbooks with your business contact provide free marketing anytime your customers strike a match. At the least, you’ll remain in the minds of those customers in possession of your branded keepsake. But there’s potential for you to gain the business of anyone who sees your branded advertising.

Not everyone is a fan of pocket or long stem lighters. Some people prefer to strike matches when lighting a candle, charcoal grill, or gas stove burner. Put some of your advertising dollars into connecting with that demographic.

If you’re searching for unique marketing tips, promotional items make good investments. Here are three ways you can use branded matchbooks to market your business.

1.Include Your Business Contact

Business cards are not the only way to relay your contact information. Have your business name, number, and website printed on a book of matches. Handing out matchbooks is often seen as less presumptuous and better received by strangers.

You don’t have to directly pass your promotional matchbooks onto others. You can leave them somewhere for people to find, like in a bathroom or near a public display. There are many creative ways to reach someone in need of your products or services.

Unlike business cards, matchbooks won’t see the bottom of the nearest trash can.

Matchbooks are functional for both smokers and non-smokers. They remind existing customers of your business. And they engage prospective customers in starting conversations about your business.

2.Get Creative

There are several different types and styles of custom matchbooks you can order. Stand out with your business name on the matchbook cover or each match stick. Include a logo image and match head colors that complement your brand.

You have many options for creating a memorable design with striking color combinations. This is why you can find custom matchbooks anywhere from strip clubs to five-star hotels.

And in case someone loses the cover and has only a match stick on hand, consider strike anywhere matches. They don’t need the book or box packaging to light the match. Any hard striking surface that provides friction can light a strike-anywhere match.

3.Give Them Away

Custom matchbooks make such simple and classy promotion media. And they’re excellent giveaways for advertising. Give them to loyal customers as gifts or use them as a way of saying to shoppers, “Thank you for visiting!”

Promotional matchbooks are also great to have available at venues. If you’re an event planner or service provider, ask to place your matchbooks on each table and at the bar. It’s an easy way for attendees to collect your business information and contact you in the future.

Custom matchbooks are inexpensive and offer repeated use. So your average 20-stick matchbook just about pays for itself. Even the simplest of matchbook designs can become collectible items for phillumenists or anyone who needs to save matches for a rainy day.

Matchbooks For Business Advertising

Advertising on business cards is like throwing your money away. It’s often viewed as obtrusive, and your cards are never seen again. Advertise with creative matchbooks, and you won’t feel guilty giving them away.

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